Welcome to Coastal Research Associates

Boston has so many talented scientists that have accomplished so much in their lifetimes.

Dr. Edwin Land who was the Steve Jobs of his generation, showed all of us how we all embrace science and medical breakthroughs from individual perspectives. We all share a common outlook: it’s the desire to live healthy and productive lives.

Participating in clinical research, regardless if you are a scientist and inventor such as Dr. Land, or an individual that is looking for a medical alternative, or a pharmaceutical company sponsoring a study, or a physician engaged in the research process – all of us want to and can make a difference in improving our health and the well-being of our loved ones.

The practice of clinical research is personal and needs to be focused on each individual participant and the precise science of the individual research study.

CRA is small by design and for a very good reason. We are not interested in churning large numbers of research studies and participants. Our size and experience has enabled us to adhere and intently focus on delivering pre-eminent Good Clinical Practice, safety, and thorough adherence to the clinical protocol science.

Our size and experience has enabled us to provide personal service to our study participants.

We have been conducting clinical research for many years and we have the curriculum vitae that demonstrate our success.

Call or e-mail us and let’s discuss your potential interest in participating in one of our clinical trials or collaborating with us on a new study trial.

We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Katherine V. Roth, RN